Impact on Women

Women Feed The World

Did you know that half of the world’s 500 million smallholder farmers are women? And did you know that 2 billion people depend on smallholder farms for their food? Feeding the world’s poor and hungry is the challenge of our time, and advancing women is essential for meeting this challenge.

Food Next to Home

Picture a typical Q'eqchi' woman - a baby on her back, a water carrier on her head, and a hoe in her hand. Not only responsible for the traditional chores of managing the home, caring for the children, and collecting fuel and water that can take hours every day, she also does the bulk of the labor to provide their basic food needs. Thanks to the Farmer Livelihood Kit, women can tend land next to their homes, reducing the time spent travelling long distances to find sources of water.

The BeFair campaign recognizes that women represent the greatest potential for putting an end to the cycle of poverty. BeFair fosters greater inclusion of women’s productivity by helping them benefit from green innovation.

Our partners, the Pastoral Social Alta Verapaz and International Development Enterprises (iDE), have a long-standing commitment to women empowerment. iDE designs micro irrigation technologies that meet the needs of women farmers -- including rural marketing strategies that appeal to women. The Pastoral Social Alta Verapaz, has worked extensively with Mayan communities to foster inclusion of women in economic processes and leadership positions, ensuring that the kits will be distributed to women and the trainings about the use, maintenance and benefits of the kits will be designed for and delivered through the women farmers.