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Global Fairness Initiative



2011 BeFair Campaign

Why Guatemala?

Over 50% of housebrholds in Guatemala survive on less than $2 a day. In the Alta Verapaz region, with a population that is primarily indigenous Mayan Q'eqchi' (K’eqchies), the percentage of extreme poverty runs at more than 75%.
Living in remote areas far from accessible utilities and isolated by social, cultural and language barriers, indigenous Mayan farmers depend on rain to earn their living and feed their families. This means that fluctuations in weather have an immediate impact on food security, farmer livelihoods and thus quality of life. While water is available in Alta Verapaz, it is often far removed from crops and there are virtually no systems for effectively using water for irrigation. Working closely with local farmers, the Global Fairness Initiative is implementing a plan to address the fundamental health and livelihood challenge of access to water by deploying low-cost technology to deliver reliable, sustainable access to water.

The Basics

WHO: 5,000 Mayan Farmers
WHAT: Distribute Farmer Livelihood Kits to improve income and health
WHY: Give poor farmers access to “green” technology to lower costs, save time, preserve the environment and raise incomes
WHERE: Northern Guatemala

COST: $200,000 – including shipping, distribution and trainings
BENEFITS: $500,000 – approximate increase in incomes on the first year of farming

**The benefits are calculated by multiplying an average of $100 income increase per year for the sale of vegetables in local markets. Based on regional experiences using the FLK.

Real sustainability

The FLK systems will be purchased for an introductory price. This ensures that farmers attach value to the equipment as they have invested their limited resources in what they consider is an important tool for their development.
Our local partner the Pastoral Social Alta Verapaz, will reinvest the funds in purchasing new technologies, further transforming lives.

Partnership for Success

BeFair is possible thanks to the help and support of our implementing partners.
Our local partner, the Pastoral Social Alta Verapaz, is a Guatemalan NGO working with Indigenous farmers for decades to improve lives and livelihood. International Development Enterprises (iDE), develops the low-cost drip irrigation systems and trainings that can maximize water use and support a vegetable crop big enough to feed a family of five beyond the rainy season!

pastoral iDE